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How To Use The Backslash Key on a RK61 Keyboard

RK61 and Backslash


To type backslash in Windows 10 on a RK61 keyboard, you must press ‘Ctrl-Alt-\’

Windows 10

I struggled with this for a while and the solution seems a little counter-intuative. When using an RK61 mechanical keyboard, it seems a little tricky to actually type the backslash character (not to be confused with forward slash ‘/’ which can be accessed by ensuring you are not in cursor keys mode (Fn-Enter) and pressing the up arrow key).

Although backslash is printed on the key as the left-hand alternate character alongside |, pressing with shift doesn’t work in the same way as it does with the square and curly brace keys for example.

I think this is due to the Fn-\ key combination being used to cycle around the lighting modes.

To type backslash you must press ‘Ctrl-Alt-\’. Obviously if you are in cursor keys mode, you would need to use the left hand Ctrl key.


macOS seems to behave more predicatably and the \ key does indeed produce a \ whereas, as expected, Shift-\ produces the | character.


YMMV, my problems with backslash in Windows may well be down to localisation settings. The tests above were performed in both English (United Kingdom) and English (United States) keyboard language settings.






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